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Our Online College Preparation Course streamlines, organizes and energizes the college transition process for parents and students; putting the fun into the college decision-making process for the entire family! 


This self-paced college preparation course features a curriculum deeply rooted in college, career and life readiness. You and your student will be fully prepared and organized for a stellar college application submittal and successful college experience! This online college preparation course is perfect for students in grades 8 - 12.  


>7 Steps to College Application Success<


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Online College Preparation Course




Application Advisory

Master the art of the college application.  Our One-on-One Application Advisory package ensures your application is thorough, powerful and stands above the rest.  

This package is designed for students in their sophomore, junior and senior year in need of a streamlined approach to the college application. Feel confident in the strength of your college application!  

Structured One-on-One Sessions // College Exploration + Match // College Application Strategy // Apply for Scholarships // Personal Essay // Letters of Recommendation // Resume + Interview 

>One-on-One Application Advisory Packages<

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As Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."  Finish your high school career strong. Design an effective education plan. Achieve your college application, acceptance and selection goals. Together, we'll build your strong foundation for academic success!

Course Strategy & Transcript Review // Establish Good Study Habits // Subject Matter Mastery // Reading Comprehension // Critical Thinking Skills // Work Load Prioritization // Time Management Skills // Organization Skills // Public Speaking Skills // Leadership & Confidence 

An Initial Consultation will allow us to design and develop a personalized college and academic plan that will establish the groundwork for you to achieve your dreams and goals.

$80 per hour

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Personalized Educational Coaching


Come together as a family to get off on the right foot!


Helped me prepare for college in so many different ways from the college application process to study tips to how to get along with my roommate to balancing academics and a social life